About Hinckley Automotive


Company History

Hinckley Automotive has been in the Utah automobile business since 1915, starting with Robert

Hinckley in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Hinckley Dodge was one of the nation's first Dodge Dealerships.

The present-day Hinckley Automotive company is comprised of a professional body shop, established in 1955, and a professional race shop, established in 2002.

Hinckley Body Shop performs the highest quality automobile body repairs available in Utah. All technicians are well trained and have the experience to perform repairs that make the vehicle look brand new.

Our Manager

The body shop manager, Guy DeHaan, has spent his career in the automotive repair industry. In addition to collision repair and auto body work, Guy has worked for insurance companies, giving him an insight into all aspects of the auto repair field.

Guy's broad experience allows for a complete customer service experience. He and the rest of the Hinckley team are focused on making certain every repair is completed correctly and on time, and that every customer is completely satisfied.



Established in 1955

Repairing vehicles of all makes and models while building trust and friendships with our customers for over 55 years.
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